At first glance, this is just a party of eight people. But the glasses and vodka bottle are gigantic. Even the lemons dwarf the people. That signals this is a fantasy. But whose fantasy is it?

Reading from left (the man standing alone) to the trio at right, we must look along the vodka drink and its label. But they aren't really a trio. The standing man is gazing at the woman in red. The two beside her, in gray, have eye contact with each other. Vodka party pairs

The pair in the foreground, at the bottom, are so large that your eye tends to jump to them. But who are they ? A woman and...is that a man or woman she's smiling at?

Once that idea enters, it's easier to notice that there's a seated woman in a suit, leaning on the bottle cap (signalling this is a fantasy situation) near a woman in a print dress.

But the suited woman isn't gazing in her direction. Her head's tilted this way. She's looking up at the woman in the red dress, who, considering the angle of her head, might actually be looking back at her, and not at the man standing alone.

So, in this party of eight, which are the couples? What signals do you look for to decide who's coupled with whom? Skin color. Clothing? Hair? Gender?

Some say they see a large face looking out of the glass at the bottom right corner, with one brown eyebrow and large nostrils. Do you?

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