When we glance or gaze at an ad, even for a few seconds, we will often see people glancing or gazing at someone or something else. Our direction of gaze is guided by theirs. As in real life, we look at what other people are looking at. We follow their gaze, unconsciously, to the target (s). Look at this ad for men's Dupont Dacron suits:

I Call This My Flying Suit

In the whole ad, your attention is primarily focused on the strange expression on the 'big' man's face and the fact that he is holding his arms out at an unusual angle for a suit model. But his hand points to the ad's real action, at the bottom.

The two much smaller men are looking across at something to our right.They could be looking at the "Today's Dacron" box.

Is He Really Looking at His...

But the direction of gaze of the man on the right also includes (by accident or design?) the big man's crotch. But look: the man beside him IS the big man. That's strange.

Why weren't the two men and the Dacron message placed at the top of the ad, on either side of the big man's head? Because then the direction of gaze, which we follow with our eyes, would pass through his head, not his crotch.

Remember, ads are very expensive. Nothing is included or arranged 'by accident.' He calls this his 'flying' suit. When this ad came out, 'flying' also meant sexual freedom.

Where's the before and after in this ad?
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