This should be a more obvious example, so you don't need red lines to help you follow the gaze and the glance.

Who is the Turk

Notice how the dotted dress patterns create a strong visual connection between the women, along the diagonal direction of the woman's gaze, almost before we notice that there are two women --and where they are looking.

At first glance, the moustached man and the woman at the table appear to be 'together' simply because they are 'facing' each other and are almost touching across that small table. Notice the cigarettes between them.

"Meet the Turk"

You might at first assume the man with the dark hair and moustache must be the Turk.

You could read the body language of the cigarette lighting moment as a man/man connection.

But you could ALSO read the rest of the scene as a woman/ woman connection. After all, it's the woman at the next table whose look catches our eye.

The women closest to us, who is directly in line with the other woman's gaze past the two men, is almost cut off the page. But we do see enough of her and her colorful clothing that we might wonder if SHE is the Turk being referred to.

Notice that the people in the background are plainly dressed, compared to the two women. These people are also randomly arranged, revealing no relationships among them. That further emphasizes how clear-cut the body language signals of these four people's really are--and how they hint at relationships.
NOTE: In cigarette ads, the pack is almost always a new one, just opened, 'fresh,' with one or two of the first cigarettes coming out. That re-enforces the idea of buying, since that's what new means.

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