Did you start looking from the 'start reading' position, the upper left corner.

If so, you started with the disturbing element in this ad. Did you notice that guy with what appears to be a cigar coming so straight out of his mouth that you almost can't see it's there.

In the picture below, we've turned that corner of the ad around so that you can notice more consciously that there is something strange going on.

Three guys have their cigars sticking out obviously. One guy does not. He is also dresssed less formally than the others, who have on shirts and ties.

The guy whose cigar doesn't show very much has something strange going on at the place where his head meets his body. Attention has been drawn to that area because the man in the 'loud' shirt' has has hand there.

Doesn't it look like: (a) his jacket is on backwards or

(b) his head is.

Now back up to the previous page to see the ad as it appeared in the magazine.

Answer those questions again, with this new one added:

Do you know know why an ad would show a person who is so out of place, because of that, looking at you that way?


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