First, let's go back to that 'slash.'

Look at the line under the words 'To Kill.' It's not so much a line as a slash. Notice that it actually goes into her cheek. An accident? Or a message?

Now look at the four faces across the bottom. Look at Angie's expression in the two photos. Her little pic is totally unaware of what the bigger pic is seeing.Look at Nancy's mouth and eyebrows. She is apprehensive. Keith is distracted by something else.

Look at the details of Caine's expression

Notice his raised eyebrows, the beginning of a smile. He's seems to know some-thing. The word for it is 'smug.' His secret is that he's the murder.

(In the movie, Caine's character slashes Angie's face, kills her, with a razor and stalks Nancy, who found Angie's body)

We could decide what those letters in her hairline spell. But not right now.

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