Almost every example on this site has been suggestive to some extent.

This ad is suggestive, but not very subliminal--except for those who can't imagine what this is imitating. If you can't figure it out, just turn it upside down in your mind and ask yourself what it looks like then. About half the people in the world have one.

It was designed so it appears to be starting to penetrate any surface you sit it on.

That's truly Macho.

This next ad is suggestive but much more subtle.

Why would any ad show a knife and fork doing this. Where is the fork on the right going next with that slice? Into doggy's mouth? Not likely.

It's a Dog's Life

This ad ran at a time when the news was reporting that poor retirees, especially in Florida, were eating dog and cat food because it was cheaper than regular meat.

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