This should just be a forehead. But again look at how much detail is there that shouldn't be. All those squiggles. As wrinkly as the human skin gets, it doesn't have this much going on. Look at some real foreheads to compare.

Then, again, just sit back a bit, relax and look at this picture. Better yet, look at some magazine ads that you can hold in your hand and look at without the detail limitiations of the Web.

In this picture, probably the first thing you'll notice is the relatively obvious S over the left eyebrow. It's obvious because it's light. Keep looking and you'll see there's an X and an E to go with it. They are very near, but they aren't light like this S is.

And there are others all over the eyebrow area, in the folds between the eyebrows, on the forehead itself, and along the hairline, just where the light areas start getting dark.

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