It is very difficult to see really deeply embedded letters on the Web because the amount of detail possible in Web pictures is very limited compared to what the eye can see.

The ad below is one of thousands that has areas of the human body marked with the letters S, E and X, in various combinations.


The closeup of the man's inner arm below shows...what? For one thing lots of detail that shouldn't be there. What kind of detail. The letters I was talking about, in scrambled combinations. They will be hard to see at first, but if you sit back in your chair a little.

Don't get up close and look at the screen. All you'll see is more dots. Sit back a bit and just stare at the arm, in general, you'll suddenly notice that what you are seeing is more than just a random collection of streaks and dots of varying colors.

Closeup of arm

In the darkest area, on the forearm right at the crease of the elbow is a half-inch S. At the bottom of the S, directly to its left, is a smaller X.

On the Web, often you can see the markings better by taking out the color and leaving the rest untouched.

Color stripped out

Whatever you may think you're seeing, you'll agree that there shouldn't be all that detail on the inside of someone's arm. Look at your own real arm and compare.

Look at magazine ads yourself. Especially areas of the face, near the hairline.

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