What we call 'little facey things" appear all over the place in alcohol ads. They are always in parts of the ad where there should be nothing at all, such as at the bottom of a bottle or glass, in the ice or in the bubbles.

Sometimes they just seem like frowny faced little 'demons'

Sometimes they are even more distorted, like this one at the bottom of the bottle, facing left. It has eyes, eye-brows, a long-nose and open-mouth.

At other times they are of more recognizable people--also associated with death. Death in a bottle. The one below is at the right edge of the clear ice cube, facing right. The face is almost as high as that cube is. Can't see it yet? Again, the original has been very reduced in size. But there's a closeup coming.

Sit back in your seat a little. Here's the view of his face, looking to the right, just along the right edge of the cube, like one of the Presidents on Mt Rushmore.

Does it resemble a profile of President John F. Kennedy to you?

Including the open space of the head wound on the right side of his head.

Or is this just another camel in a cloud?

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