What do people think of first when they think of a cold, snowy day and whiskey?

Whisky warms you up. That's what the picture in this ad says.

Everyone is bundled up in heavy coats in this picture. But the white cap is there to draw your attention to one person in the middle of this crowd. It does that even when the picture is this small.

Warm whisky

He's the only one with a drink in his hand. He's also the only one wearing nothing more than a sweater.

The message is also that you can be the center of attention, or at least think you are.

The ad's myth is that alcohol makes you warm. It really does the opposite and so can be dangerous if a person is in a cold, exposed situation.

It says SHARE AMERICA'S WHISKEY, but he isn't sharing at all. No-one else has a drink.

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