Now that you've looked at the ad for 3 seconds, let's go more slowly, so you can become more aware of what you unconsciously know.

Don't look at the ad. Answer some basic questions about what you noticed:

1. How many people are there?

2.What other creature is in the picture?

3.What are the people each inside of?

4.What product is this an ad for?

5.Whose bike is it? How do you know?

6.Whose dog is it? How do you know?

Think of every photo, including magazine ads, as a freeze-framed moment of action from a movie. Each moment has moments before and moments after.

Like all ads, this one has been posed and arranged to suggest the actions the lead to this moment and the actions that will result from this moment.

Always ask yourself three questions:

What's happening? What happened just before this? What will happen next?


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