Subliminal advertising, as some call it, is primarily a set of techniques that focus and defocus the viewer's attention and awareness. Doing this has an impact on what the audience will be able to consciously recall about the ad and what it will remember, but not be able to consciously recall.

In magazines, for example, the advertiser's main problem is that the typical reader gives a full-page ad only a glance in passing. Less than 3 seconds, typically, the time it takes to slowly turn a page and glance at it as it goes by on the way to the next page.

So, in a magazine or newspaper, how can the potential buyer's attention be captured and focused, in the absence of what tv depends on: motion, music and 'natural' sound, and a human voice?

To do this more efficiently, different levels of attention can be "managed" within microseconds of each other so that the most conscious level of perception will partially mask, but will not overwhelm low-level awareness at one or more other levels.



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