Seeing, really seeing, is believing. Let's look at an example, an ad for the movie KRAMER vs KRAMER. You normally scan as if reading, from upper left across and down, ending at the lower right. First you hit the man's face, then the woman's.

Doing that here reveals, at first, smiling faces. Until we drop down to the child's face. No smile. The child is looking to the right, at the man's hand. We follow his gaze.

A closer look reveals that the veins, tendons, etc., are standing out on the man's hand. Look at the position of his fingers. They tell us that his hand is tightly gripping her arm. Just as her arms are holding the child in place. Not as friendly as the smiling faces seem at first glance.

Look again at the man's smile. It is real, or put on? Is he putting on a show for the camera? Look at the rest of the child's body. Does he want to be there? The title is correct. It's KRAMER versus KRAMER everywhere in the picture.

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