Remember: this NOT as a real kitchen but a set with actors. Every detail has been carefully chosen, posed by professionals. No irrelevant detail is allowed in.

Notice the dog. Why is it in the picture? For realism? No, for message. The dog is showing no interest in either bag. That means there's probably no red meat in them. What is in that large bag? We can see celery, lots of brocolli and other green vegetables. And more on the counter to the right.

The picture seems be suggesting that she prefers it even when she is eating a more than average amount of natural vegetables that promote regularity. What's that whole message again? Woman, natural isn't good enough. You need our product. Buy it!

Of course there are other things to notice and think about, such as the fact that her mouth is open. What's going on in that part of the story and why is it left in?

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