We call this section mirrors of the psyche because the ads reflect both conscious and unconscious urges, especially sexual ones. Usually these urges, which are often socially disapproved of, especially the unconscious ones, are represented visually and symbolically.

We see that in this ad titled 'sheer excitement." As always, a well-designed ad very subtley cues you where to look. In this case, those words, and the fact that the woman on the left (the one you read first) has her hands near her thighs, lightly pulling her clothing apart, attracts attention to that area of her body. If you draw an imaginary line between the tips of her fingers on each hand, you see something hanging down between her legs, behind the sheer material.

Something that shouldn't be there.

Sheer excitement. Before you notice it consciously, it's invisible. Once you see it, notice it consciously, you can't stop seeing it. And only the person on the left has it. The other doesn't.

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