Here's when things get touchy, because we're going to tell you what can be seen in a painted ice cube, which is part of an alcohol ad. This is when those who dismiss the whole idea of subliminal ads start saying that what we're doing is no more real than seeing camels or boogie man shapes in clouds.

Look at the center section first. As if looking up from below we see the suggestion of what are probably a man's legs. See the pant's cuffs, the bottoms of shoes and a hint of the bottom edge of a jacket. The rest disappears in darkness.

Look at the section on the right. Some say that a big eyed 'Caspar the ghost-like' face is looking left with an Ooooh! look on its face. Can you see it? Some say that's mixed with another face. Tilt your head slightly to your left to see the other stretched face.

On the left side, bottom corner, some see half of a longish rough but sort of sad face with a long nose and big lower lip. The top of the head blends into darkness.

The face is looking down slightly. To the right of it there'a a suggestion of a bent arm and hand, as if leaning on its elbow. There's a whisp of white coming up, as if the hand's holding a cigarette. Do you see any of that?

Why a cigarette? Lots of drinkers also smoke.

Now back up a page and look more closely at that other ice cube.


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