If solitary drinkers can be seen playing with their glass, looking down into it, what are they looking at? If liquor ads show glasses and ice, what could be there that would trigger a positive response if a heavy drinker saw the ad?

Keep in mind that messages, especially ad messages, are targeted to specific types of people, to specific fears, anxieties, wishes, desires. For example, men know very little about the level of anxiety women--especially young women--have about having people, especially men, 'see' that they are having their period.

If you don't notice at first that something's a message, maybe that's because it wasn't addressed to you, to your fears, anxieties, wishes, desires.

Members within different groups have ways of signalling to each other. Gestures, slang expressions, clothing, are examples. If you don't know the signals, you don't belong and you don't get the message intended only for members of the group.

These are supposed to be ice cubes, but they are actually painted, part of an liquor ad. Once you realize that they are painted, you are more likely to be more open-minded about the idea that images can be noticed on the 'cube' surfaces.

What, if anything do you see in each of these cubes?

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