For spectators we have a list of Civil War battle re-enactments in the mid-Atlantic region. Our bias is big battles. So, we don't list small living history events--or many battles outside the mid-Atlantic region. To help improve battle events, we also offer advice for event organizers and sponsors, based on years of attending reenactments of all sizes.

But we don't post information that's needed only by re-enactors because re-enactors already have excellent websites providing them with all the information they need. We want info that spectators need--along with their opinions of events. We also have some pages of helpful advice for event sponsors.


We specialize in mid-Atlantic region civil war battle re-enactment info --for spectators.

SPECTATORS start here or go directly to 2008 BATTLE SCHEDULE (always being updated)

SPONSORS & ORGANIZERS of battle events , go here

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